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Beware of Credit Repair Scams

by May 11, 2020Credit Consulting

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Beware if Credit Repair Scam Artists

You’re probably thinking to yourself, yes, and what makes you different from other credit repair companies? Well, first we never promise unrealistic results. Unrealistic results are positive results within 30 days, a removal of all of your debt -guaranteed, or that your credit scores will improve 100 points in 30 days. The Credit Repair Act; which is an act that all credit restoration companies should follow confirms that Credit Repair companies should confirm upfront all the services they will provide. As a Consumer you should be able to get this in writing before signing a contract. If you hear companies tell you that they promise to remove your entire negative debt, run the opposite direction. I will explain more below on why this option is not for everyone. So, beware of Credit Repair Scam Artists that promise more than they can actually perform.

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What Does True Credit Repair Results Look Like?

Think about it. It takes months if not years to accumulate debt. One small mistake can take your score plummeting downwards. The FICO system (Fair Isaac Corporation system) has changed drastically within the last 8 years. So, to expect results in 30 days or your credit clean from derogatory debt is not possible for all consumers.

As an Expert in Credit Repair for the past 18 years I have noticed a lot of companies that have promised things within credit restoration that was just not feasible. Have you heard this ad online, See Results in just 30 days! Or, We Will Remove All Your Debt – Guaranteed! Listen, I know this sounds great and looks great when you first see an ad like this, but from years of experience I know it is not that easy. If it was, every one of us would have perfect credit.

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Now, don’t get me wrong, I have seen results in 30 days for my clients, but that is not the norm. I have also seen collection debts removed, but again that is not usual results for everyone. If you are wondering how these results took place then let me explain. A client of ours needed help with a late payment that was reflecting on his credit reports with all three bureaus. He mentioned that he made a payment on time but that the lender was reporting him late that month. He began working on his credit and removing that delinquency with our instructions, which raised his credit scores over 100 points within that 30 day period.

Another client of ours was a victim of identity theft and had over $55,000.00 worth of debt that she never accumulated. We moved forward with her process and were able to remove all of those debts legally, which helped her credit scores rise over 150 points in just 72 days! We also took the steps needed to protect her credit from ID Theft. These results aren’t typical, nor are these results the same for each consumers credit report. But, if you work with a legitimate company like ours, you will experience positive realistic results.

What Our Clients Say

Outstanding Service

I cannot explain how grateful we are for the tremendous job you did to bring our credit score above 750. We worked so hard for years to get rid of debt and restore our credit. Without you, and your professional assistance and knowledge of how the credit industry works, we would not be nearing the 800 mark. Thank you for laboring so hard for us.

– Ron and Deedee Phillips
H.T.Ron Phillips
MorningStar Fellowship Church
Connect Groups Pastor