Identity Theft

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Identity Theft

Did you know that 1 out of 3 consumers are a victim of identity theft? Most of us have no idea that we are victims of a perpetrator. This program will protect your identity immediately and educate you on the steps to experiencing financial freedom! Most victims do not know where to start with this type of service. We will make sure that you are well prepared while providing the education needed to insure results. This will allow you to experience results in a shorter period of time once you are assigned to a credit restoration professional. Once your credit report is revealing accurate information you will be well on your way to experiencing security with your identity and your credit reports.

Help with Identity Theft

4 Steps in Protecting Your Identity:

  1. Place a fraud alert with all three credit bureaus.
  2. File a ID Theft Police Report.
  3.  Contact Each Creditor, Lender, or Collector and begin a Fraud Investigation for each debt.
  4. Dispute All debts with the credit bureaus for removal.

Identity Theft

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Criminal & Civil Identity Theft


Identity theft is a growing business for perpetrators. It’s been reported that in the last year there have been over 15.4 million victims of identity theft.

Identity theft doesn’t just affect your credit report and credit scores, but it affects your entire livelihood. We have had clients contact us who were victims of criminal offenses due to identity theft.

Civil cases are another form of identity theft. This includes DUI’s, Speeding Tickets, Warrants for Arrests, Medical Fraud, Student Loan Fraud, and the list goes on.

There have also been perpetrators that have opened accounts using the identity of loved ones that have passed. This is not unusual and the steps to protecting your identity are complex.

This is the reason why we value and protect our clients from perpetrators like this. By contacting our firm for assistance, you will get a team handling all aspects of identity theft and protecting your future.

Identity theft can happen at any age. Let’s begin protecting your identity and your children’s identity with our help.