Improve Credit LLC Ready to Help Borrowers Capitalize on Low Interest Rates

by Jul 27, 2021Credit Consulting

Millions of homeowners may be missing out on tens of thousands of dollars in savings by not refinancing their mortgages with this year’s record low rates. Meanwhile, home buyers in today’s market have the advantage of house hunting in a low mortgage-rate environment, with current mortgage rates around 3.21 percent on average. Whether you’re a current homeowner or trying to become one, taking advantage of low interest rates is in your best interest. If you’re unable to qualify, Improve Credit LLC based in Charlotte, NC and Los Angeles, CA is ready to help you turn things around to do so.

Credit score, down payment, and sometimes even comparison shopping are important factors that affect the interest rate you will receive. A credit score is the primary way lending institutions try to gauge if borrowers will be able to afford and repay their loan. Consequently, borrowers with the best credit scores are rewarded with the best rates. Lenders lower their risks by raising rates for borrowers with lower credit scores. That’s where Improve Credit can come in to help!

We provide a customized credit restoration plan during your consultation. Improve Credit intentionally chooses to meet with you to form a personalized plan for positive results, rather than using an automated system. Our certified credit experts will give you a personalized plan to turn your finances around, so you can take advantage of today’s low interest rates as soon as possible. A 100-point increase could save you thousands of dollars, because your point increase directly affects the interest and principal payments you receive. At present, Improve Credit has surpassed its 25-million-dollar mark for total savings given to our customers – that includes mortgages and car loans. Investing in your credit score is a positive way to pay yourself back.

Individuals seeking an optimal interest rate for a mortgage also need to make sure their credit report is spotless. “In order to qualify for a low interest rate for a mortgage, a consumer’s credit reports cannot have unpaid collection debts on their credit reports,” explained Wanda Strickfaden, owner of Improve Credit. Consumers need to have credit reports where their active lines of credit reflect on-time payments for the last 12 months. Additionally, the debt-to-income ratio must be (at least) below 50% to qualify.

At Improve Credit, we can help with personal credit repair by our certified credit experts, as well as credit monitoring services to dispute any false claims or charges and safeguard you from any potential criminal behavior. Improve Credit also offers a credit counseling program designed to help save you money.

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