The Steps in Removing Debts From My Credit Reports

by Feb 1, 2023Blog

When googling ‘debt removal legally’ online you will notice a lot of overnight scams telling you that it is possible to get all of your debts removed with little to no effort. But the truth is is that it’s not that simple. If your debts are over seven years old, or you are a victim of identity theft than any other efforts in debt removal is impossible to achieve. Now, I am not saying that requesting a removal of debt after it’s been settled or paid off is not possible but be aware that not all collection agencies will remove debt from your credit reports as part of a negotiation of payment.


1. First, and foremost check to see when your debt was legally charged off. If it was charged-off seven years ago or more than you can legally dispute that debt for permanent removal from your credit reports. Avoid contacting the collection agency or creditor regarding that debt since doing so may ‘re-age’ the debt and the ‘7 year clock’ starting over again.

2. If you do not recognize a debt belonging to you due to identity theft then the first step is to contact that debtor or collector and starting a, fraud investigation, on that debt. Once this investigation is completed and you receive a notice by mail confirming that this debt does not belong to you then move forward with submitting a dispute letter by mail and including a copy of that investigation for proof and requesting with the credit bureaus to remove this debt from your credit reports.

3. If you negotiated a payment or a settlement with a third-party collection agency with removal request then the next step is to get that in writing and submit a dispute letter to the credit bureaus with proof of payment with removal receipt for this to finalize the removal process with the credit bureaus.

Need Help with Removing Debts Legally

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